Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Your April Wallpaper

I am so sorry, I am late this month. I had it all done for you, but I have been away.
We had a great Western GM Chapter of FMCA rally. We are now proud members of Western GM Chapter. We had to wait for a bi-law change, but they did and now we are. 
We stayed at the AVI Casino/resort in Laughlin/FT Mohave at the campground for several days. There was a craft show while we were there, so of course all us girls had to go check that out. It was a much better show then I expected and I saw and bought some neat stuff. One of my favorite items is a wine bottle that has been melted. It lays on it's side, the melting creates a crater down the middle of the bottle so you can use it for whatever. I got a gorgeous deep blue one with a bunch of grapes wired on.
Otherwise, we spent our time eating, visiting and of course gambling.

This months wallpaper is from Amanda Thorderson's Sunlight From Heaven and it's such a beautiful kit! I truly think you are going to love the kit and the wallpaper.  Check Amanda's store and I do believe it's on sale right now too. Also be sure to check out the calendar challenge she does at Digitals.
Here is your preview
To download the wallpaper, find it HERE 
As usual, I didn't put a calendar on my wallpaper, I like to enjoy mine sometimes for longer then just one month, plus you can download Rainlender and have a little interactive calendar that will always tell you the date and you can put in your appt and anything else you care to. And you can get the current calendar by doing the calendar challenge.
So, go, enjoy this wonderful spring month and have a great Easter!

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