Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's happening, new kits and your april wallpaper

Let's start with new kits, Amanda has had a lot going on in her life so we haven't had a new kit in a while. She just did 2 new kits for us, I'm so excited! They are just the cutest also and if you buy the bundle pack which is on sale right now you get an adorable alpha with it.
The 2 kits are April Showers and May Flowers. I used April showers for the April wallpaper you will be able to download.

Here are the 2 new kits, cute, huh?
So, here is the wallpaper, I make them in 3 sizes as monitors today are all so different. Because of that they maybe slightly different from each other.
I don't put a calendar on mine because I use a little program called Rainlender, there is a free version and it's such a useful little program.

Now, I told you I was now into the fun of cutting files on Cricut, however soon after, I found out that ProvoCraft was suing the little mom and pop programers who had out 3rd party programs so that you could do more with your cutters.
So, angry person that I was, I sold my cutters, but not to fear, I have purchased an even better one. Problem is, I am having to wait probably several weeks for it. So many people were angry and got rid of their Cricuts and bought other cutters that sales exceded the supply. Not to worry tho, maybe I'll have time to add more cutting files here.
Have a happy day, and I hope you enjoy the wallpaper.