Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Month, new wallpaper

It's nov and I have a new wallpaper for you from Amanda's kit Sew Funky. It's an adorable kit and I hope you enjoy this little piece of it. I know I'm just a little late, but we are having busy lives right now. We are doing some kitchen remodeling and you know how that goes, or doesn't go, right now a company that deals with water damage is drying out my kitchen, seems in the process of putting in my granite, the dishwasher was taken out and put back, and started leaking. It got pretty bad before we realized it.
But on to the wallpaper, here is your preview.
And you can download it from here.   As usual I didn't put a calendar on it, I use rainlender, an interactive calendar that is free. But Amanda has a fun calendar challenge at Digitals.  She gives you a little mini kit and I just know you won't be able to help yourself, since the full kit is on sale you will just have to buy it. But there is your calendar.
You will find it here

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