Monday, June 4, 2012

June calendar layout

I'm back with my calendar all done for this month. You know, at the end of the year I give the set out to all my girls for Christmas. They can't wait to see what photos mom has included.  Getting those photos is quite a process, I have 2 who are just not camera people and I don't get much, even when I do find photos on FB, they haven't sent them to me.
But enough of my complaining, I love making them and Amanda makes it so easy by having a calendar challenge every month. She also gives a free mini kit out, but I like lots of choices so I usually use a combo of the free calendar mini and her full kit for that month, it's always on sale! 
I liked the sides on the wallpaper so much, I did the same on the calendar, I've never done it like that before. So, here is my try.,
As you may have noticed I make them for the next year and Amanda has made that really easy with the new types of calendars she is putting in the kits, but she also puts in the standard one as well, so no worry. So, go, check out her challenge and her store. Pretty please.

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