Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Freebie Oct wallpaper

Amanda has a new kit out, and I've used it for this months wallpaper. It's called Superstitions.

First tho, did I tell you all we are building a garage, not just a garage, but one that will have solar panels on the roof. No more electric bills! But I have company coming in on the 11th, then more joining us on the 18th and things are just not moving any where near as quickly as we had been led to belive they would. The guys have been here working hard all week, and at this point we expected it to be done, so the solar would go up next week, but it's not. It's not even ready for the roofing crew.

The problem is I have boxes I need to stash in there so I can get my guest room all done, and hubby has stuff all over the back patio that needs to go there for a work space instead of all over the back patio. It's getting tight time wise. I hope next time I post I can tell you all it's done!

So, now for the wallpaper, I sure hope you like it, as usual it's 3 sizes so should adapt to different monitors. And I did put the month, but I didn't add a calendar in. I use Rainlender, it's a very small program with an interactive calendar and several neat features I love.

But if you want to add on, go on over to Amandas calendar challenge at Digitals and with the free mini kit you get there will be a calendar.

So, here is the preview:


Pssequimages said...

Absolutely YUMMY--thank you for the room for everything!

Pssequimages said...

Lynn this is absolutely gorgeous---how perfect can a wallpaper get! Can't wait to use it! THANK YOU!