Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yes I know

I owe you guys a freebie, but things keep happening around here. I have one in process, just have to put the finishing touch on it.

Hubby, who finally seemed to be shaking off that bug that has kept him down for the past few weeks since the surgery, tried to get something accomplished and hurt himself in the process, so now he's in big time pain. Chiopractic didn't help, so I'm thinking maybe we should see about an xray.

Meanwhile, I'm working on books for my girls for Christmas. I got 8 Artcow books for just shipping so am busily finishing up the last of the layouts I need as I only have until the end of the month. I've been doing challenges and saving up all the layouts, and getting great challenge gifts for doing them and now I've got free books! Cool, huh?

Also, I issued a challenge to the Photoshopscrapbookers Yahoo group to scraplift one of the Lovely Miss Kaits layouts, and we've been having a great time doing that. If you don't know Kait, she works over at SBG and is the most amazing scrapper!

Here is mine, I used Amanda's From Sea to Shining Sea, it's way more whimical, Kaits was more realistic, but I like it.

So, check back in the next couple days and I'll try to have that freebie for you.

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